Student Tours Abroad

Our educational and sports tours abroad offer students and teachers the opportunity to learn firsthand about amazing cultures in Africa, Asia, and Central America. 

A mix of adventure travel, cultural immersion, and community service in one of the world’s most biodiverse countries

Bring your high school, college or club soccer team to one of the world’s most soccer-crazed nations.

Challenge yourself against local players while serving the local community. Ziplining, waterfall hikes and volcano treks.

Learn about the politics, history and culture of Ghana by meeting key politicians and journalists, with excursions to former slave castles, national parks and villages.

Our Incredible India Tour gives you a full experience of India in 12 days in New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

An immersive journey to one of the friendliest and most beautiful countries on earth. Includes Ho Chi Minh City (“Saigon”), Hanoi, and Danang.

Building homes for families in Guatemala. Volcano and lake excursions on weekends.

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