Teachers & Coaches

As educators and leaders, you want to share your love of learning with your students and offer them every opportunity to expand their worldview.

Educational and sports tours abroad are a special way of complementing students’ classroom work back home. Through cultural exploration & immersion, students gain a firsthand understanding of history, politics, art, language, geography and more. They become more confident and independent and improve interpersonal skills.


Where to start?

Check out our Plan A Trip page to see how we break it own into 6 simple steps.


Why Travel With Us?

Partners All the Way. We are with you throughout every stage of the journey. We provide personalized support – from choosing a trip, planning the journey, recruiting students, and being in the host country with you & your students. We can offer plenty of advice.

Range of Tours. Lead your students on tours to different parts of the world, with different styles and subjects: history, language study, art, adventure, sports and more. Custom tours are available too! Not sure which destination to choose? We’ll walk you through your options.

You Go Free. One teacher or coach goes free for every 5 students. We pay your airfare, meals, accommodations, program activities, and insurance. An additional teacher/coach can go free as well with 10+ students.

Trainings Abroad. Experience a tour before you lead one! We offer 4-day trainings in our host countries for teachers and coaches to meet the people, places & activities your students will encounter. We want to make sure you feel prepared and confident before you lead your students abroad. Just pay for your airfare and we’ll take care of all other costs.

Academic Credit. Offer your students academic credit for their tour. We are more than happy to work with you on any and all paperwork required by your school. We also issue our own official certificates to teachers, students and coaches.

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