Plan A Trip

Planning a trip may seem like a daunting task. But at EWE Tours we strive to make the planning process clear and manageable for everyone. We break it down into 6 simple steps.

6 Steps to Plan a Trip

Step 1: Pick A Trip

Start by browsing our educational tours abroad for a trip that reflects your vision, interests, and educational goals. Our tours are available on 3 different continents, in locations with unique cultures and features. So please get in touch so we can help you choose or customize the ideal trip. Call or text us at 267-764-4215‬ or email

Step 2: Talk with School Admins

Next, present to your school’s leaders for approval. We’ll send you a School Packet and slideshow that contains extensive materials and information about EWE Tours and the educational experience awaiting your students. We are more than happy to join you by video conference and even in-person for the presentation to school administrators.

Step 3: Meet with Students & Parents

After school approves, the next step is to recruit students! With a slideshow and materials we provide, start holding meetings for students and parents. Share your enthusiasm for educational travel and address their questions and concerns. We are happy to join by video conference and in-person.

Step 4: Book Your Group

Now that everyone is excited to travel, let’s get your students registered! They can register and pay the $250 deposit online at our web page Book A Trip.

Step 5: Prepare for the Trip

You and your students can then focus on passports, visas & vaccinations (We book your group’s flights). Keep on spreading the word and recruiting more students for the trip! As your departure date approaches, we will hold group meeting with students and parents to prepare for the trip and answer questions.

Step 6: Pack Your Bags & Go!

Departure Day! Pack your bags and passport and gather at the airport for our departure flight. You’re all on your way to an unforgettable, educational journey abroad.

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