Ghana Politics & History Tour

Trip Length: 12 days
Dates: Available year-round
Group Size: 10-18
Student Ages: 16-23
Program Fee:  $3,785 + airfare

Our Ghana Politics & History Tour is geared toward students with interests in political science and the culture and history of West Africa. The tour is a unique way to become immerses students into Ghanaian culture and society.

The tour features institutional visits, meetings with key politicians and journalists, actors from domestic and international bureaucracies, lobbying groups, business representatives, and the diplomatic arena. Students also experience the history and culture of Ghana through excursions to former slave castles, national parks and museums, rural villages and more.

Trip Highlights

  • Accra capital city tour
  • Cape Coast Castle tour
  • Tour Parliament buildings & government branches
  • Meetings with Ministers & MP’s on current issues
  • Lectures by Ghanaian professors on Politics, History & Trade
  • Meet a village tribal chief & council
  • Volunteer at a children’s home
  • Visit development projects
  • Tamale Central Mosque tour
  • Fishing village tour
  • Ashanti Cultural Center
  • Kejetia Market
  • Day of fun at Labadi Beach
  • Hike Kakum National Park w/ Canopy Walk
  • Wildlife safari at Mole National Park


Day 1: Departure Flight
Group flight from NJ (EWR) to Accra (ACC) in Ghana
Welcome & Orientation in Accra

Day 2: Accra
Tour Parliament buildings
Tour government branches
Meetings with Ministers & members of Parliament

Day 3: Accra
Lecture at University of Ghana
Meetings with Ministers & MP’s
Meet journalists covering government
Travel to Cape Coast

Day 4: Cape Coast
Cape Coast Castle tour
Fishing village tour
Lecture at University of Cape Coast

Day 5: Cape Coast
Meetings with Ministers & MP’s
Lecture at Univ of Cape Coast
Visit HIV project
Visit medical clinic
Beach fun

Day 6: Cape Coast
Volunteer at a children’s home
Kakum National Park w/ Canopy Walk
Travel to Kumasi

Day 7: Kumasi
Ashanti Cultural Center tour
Kejetia Market
Travel to Tamale

Day 8: Tamale
Tribal chief & council members
Visit development projects
Tamale Central Mosque tour

Day 9: Tamale
Wildlife safari at Mole National Park
Travel to Accra

Day 10: Accra
National Theater performance
Attend professional soccer match

Day 11: Accra
Program wrap-up and farewells with our new friends from Ghana.

Day 12: Departure Flight for Home

Included in Program Fee

  • Two professional, bilingual guides on call 24-hours
  • All meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Private ground transportation
  • All Excursions & Activities
  • Community Service program
  • Hotel rooms at 3-star hotels
  • Academic Credit
  • Trip Director from the US
  • Travel & Medical Insurance
  • EWE Tours t-shirt & bag
  • Not Included: flights, visa, COVID test(s)

Entry Requirements
See our Entry Requirements page.

Our US Tour Director will fly with your group on a direct flight (approx. 9 hrs) from Newark NJ (EWR) to Kotoka International Airport in Accra (ACC). We will coordinate the flight date/time with your group leader(s). Ground travel will be by private buses operated by our local partners. There are no internal flights.

Students will stay at 3 star and above hotels. Rooms are 2-3 students of the same gender per room. Shared bathrooms with hot water.

Meals will be mostly traditional local meals, with occasional fast food visits. Meals will feature rice, beans, chicken, fish, beef and tropical produce like corn, millet, plantains and cassava. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets are easily accommodated.

Tap water is not safe to drink. We will provide bottled water daily.

Dress Code
Ghana is hot and humid year round so cool and comfortable is the best guideline. Modesty is required out of respect for Ghana’s conservative culture.

WIFI & Cell Phones
We encourage students to (mostly) disconnect in order to fully immerse themselves and get the most out of the trip. However all of our accommodations have WIFI. Most cell phone carriers have roaming plans if desired. Cell phone coverage can be spotty in rural areas.

Parents, you will have our 24/7 emergency number and will also receive updates from our staff while your child is in Ghana. Our trip leaders in Ghana are available 24/7 for any illnesses or injuries. There are hospitals / clinics in all of our program areas.

The climate of Ghana is tropical with two main seasons: the wet and the dry seasons. North Ghana experiences its rainy season from April-October while South Ghana experiences its rainy season from March-November. Expect hot and humid days and nights (75-90 F) year round.

You will have the opportunity to do your laundry 1-2 times at a cost of $4-$10 per load.

English is one of Ghana’s official languages and widely spoken. However our trip leaders are multilingual in local languages including Fante, Twi, Ga, Ewe and more.

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